We collaborate with various established technology partners to bring to you a suite of proven, integrated healthcare solutions in:

Secure Mobile Messaging

As simple as sending a text message, our partner’s end-to-end encrypted, HIPAA-compliant platform enables you to message a colleague or the entire care team. Message priority can be set by the sender, with message status and read receipt tagging on each message that allows patient-centered communication to be coordinated in real time.

Key Features:
o HIPAA and HITECH compliant
o Team and colleague directories for easy look up
o Speech recognition powered
o Fully auditable to track user records & more
o Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)-Friendly

Real-Time Clinical Information

Accessing patient-specific clinical information takes time and effort away from coordinating care with your care team and delivering care to your patients. With our solution, clinical information for each patient is pushed directly to your mobile device as it becomes available, saving you time and effort. Because the same clinical information is consistently delivered and available to each member of the care team, your clinical decisions are fully aligned.

Key Features:
o System agnostic, our solution leverages your existing clinical IT systems
o Makes your clinical data real time and mobile
o Streams each patient’s clinical data to your mobile device and turns data into information
o Bridges the gaps in communication and information sharing with messaging

Infant Protection System

Protecting newborn patients from the threat of abduction has become a high priority in all well run hospitals and birthing centers. Providing high quality infant protection system allows anxious mothers and fathers to ensure that the right baby is brought to them at all times.  This is an (RFID) electronic security system designed specifically to maintain the safety of infants in obstetric and pediatric departments. A small, tamper-proof infant protection tag is placed on the infant immediately after birth attached to our soft bracelet – a self-adjusting band, made with an ultra-soft polyester blend that doesn’t cut or chafe the skin, and won’t fall off due to movement or changes in weight. If a situation develops where there is an unauthorized movement of the baby toward a monitored area, sensors will immediately warn hospital staff and automatically lock the door. It can be a standalone system or easily integrate with other security and access control systems your facility may already have.

Resident Wandering Monitoring System

Our partner’s resident monitoring systems give Alzheimer’s, dementia and other “at-risk” residents the ability to move freely about their facilities while receiving the protection they—and their families—need. Using advanced RFID technology, the systems put staff at ease while enabling them to direct their energies toward other critical tasks. With our technical support, well-built reliable hardware, the availability of local support and long-life tags that turn off when not in use, the wander management solutions is at a lower total cost of ownership than any competing product.  Suitable for institutions of all sizes.

For more information, please email us at sales@hospilite.com